Beer Week

Every year, hundreds of beer-centered events are held throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, no longer limited to one or two events a day. This year there are beer events, ranging from nature tours around the Presidio to a beer festival in the Mission Quarter, as well as a variety of food and drinks.
If you missed the special beer quiz night, you can still take part in Bus Brew Brewing’s weekly quiz event, albeit perhaps a little less breakneck. You and your friends can form a team to see who beats the best craft brewers in Tampa Bay – beer trivia. As a tradition of the Beer Week, which has evolved, we will return this year with a new twist.
This course is taught by Master Cicerone Rich Higgins to help you identify some of the most common flavors in beer. Just listen to the sounds of gourmet cheese and craft beer and learn how to complement each other. The choice is yours, but it’s up to you – just listen to the conversation about what you like about both gourmet cheese and craft beer.
This craft malthouse, Admiral Maltings, will host a special tour with farmers, maltsters and brewers to give you a detailed insight into the entire process of craft beer production from the barley fields. If you don’t know how to brew yourself, there’s no shortage of local brewing competitions at Beer Week, and you’ll leave with a beer or two from one of the world’s leading craft breweries.
If you want to learn more about the Bay’s beer diversity, check out SF Beer Week for a full list of local breweries, beer festivals, events and more.
This year’s annual Brewing Festival runs from February 7 to 16 and includes more than 100 local breweries, many of which are located in the East Bay alone.
The original SF Beer Week was inspired by the desire to do something significant for the local beer scene. We asked some of our co-founders of SF Beer Week to share their thoughts on the event and name their favorite events. Here is a list of the events we have recorded # for you and what we are most looking forward to this year.
The birthday party, which was originally held on the last day of the SFBW, will be livestreamed on February 15 at Celebration of Craft, this year at Trumer Brewery in Berkeley.
For Keene, the best thing about Beer Week is seeing brewers I don’t often see, like the brewers at the San Francisco Beer Festival. I could sample a few beers from breweries that are not based in Tucson, such as the Pueblo Brewing Company in San Diego and the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
This muddled event serves misty, juicy, hoppy beers, and this year they tap into 15 different barrels. From 4pm to 8pm, three different beers are combined with the popular bacon strips.
As it was announced yesterday, SF Beer Week begins tonight with the annual opening gala at Pier 35. The Sentinel Peak Brewing Company is heating up its new brewery with its very first beer release party at 7pm.
Here you can browse the full schedule and look for all the fun things happening in SF and East Bay. Starting Saturday, we’re in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Marin County and San Mateo County. You can search for a complete list of SF Beer Week events and events in the Bay Area here.
Don’t miss Stockton Beer Week, where you can not only learn the taste of great beer, but also experience some of the best craft beers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. You’ll see a variety of beers – related events from local breweries and breweries trying out new things around craft beers. Unlike a traditional beer festival, StockTON Beer Week knows no bounds and creativity, so expect the unexpected at this unique craft event.
Local craft beers have been around since 2012. Local craft beers conquer all venues in the region, from tap takeovers and pairings to tap takeovers and pairings of events and events.
This community-centric gathering is ground zero for the region’s craft beer scene, and the Ultimate Brewer’s competition kicks off Beer Week. The Tampa Bay Hidden Valley Brewing Company, one of the largest craft breweries in the world, is returning for the third time as host of Tampa Bay Beer Week, which celebrates the local craft beer scene with a variety of events, from tap takeovers and pairings to events at local breweries.
Breweries from across the Greater Bay Area will gather in Tampa Bay to serve some of the most creative and compelling beers the region has to offer. Each participant will receive a souvenir glass and a special tasting of one of Hidden Valley Brewing Company’s beers, as well as a complimentary glass of their beer.