Bristol Beer Week

The original idea came from Lee Williams, who was born in Bristol and lived in Colorado, where he ran the blog Hoptopia and wrote a travel guide called Beer Lover’s Colorado. When he returned to Bristol to work in the beer industry, he brought with him his experience from several US beer weeks and suggested doing something similar. He launched Bristol Beer Week, a week celebrating beer in a city that was still bubbling as a beer destination a few years earlier.
Bristol Beer Week features special beers brewed in collaboration with beer writers who duly complete the event. Check with your local brewery, pub or beer shop to see if they are releasing a new beer today. Every Friday, New Beer will present a highly anticipated beer from one of Bristol’s local breweries, pubs and beer shops.
On April 7, CBG invites locals and visitors alike to see how their beer is made and brewed. Colorado’s independent craft brewers are brewing for local small businesses in partnership with Bristol Beer Week and the Bristol Craft Brewers Guild.
With so much competition, you might think it would be almost impossible to start a new brewery here, but today is the day to give a face to the beer you love so much. This good-natured rivalry has spawned a strong, community-oriented beer scene, even if you only spend 3 short days in the city.
IPA is Improper City is holding a tap takeover with four of our most popular beer makers from across the country. IPAs are the first public holiday in May when the East Bristol Beer Trail takes place. Around the trail, visitors will have the opportunity to meet brewers, explore the area and taste some great beers.
Falling Rock Taphouse, see if bar owner Chris Black can beat half a barrel of beer. Falling Rock will tap the first beer on Friday, May 5, from 6 to 9 pm.
Monster is joining Cerebral Brewing, which will bring some interesting beer variations to the market. There will also be a dance with live music and food trucks on Friday, 5 May, from 6 to 9 pm.
Toast to GABF, which celebrates the best American beer on Friday from 6pm to 9pm, May 5. The brewers of every Mexican brewery will be there to talk about the beers. Some of Mexico’s best craft brewers and breweries are working on a range of beers that use traditional “Mexican” flavors and ingredients. These breweries include Puebla Brewing Company, El Dorado Brewing Co, San Miguel Brewing and San Juan Brewing.
Last year, the brewers met at the Bristol Brewery (now Bristol Station) and produced a white IPA together. The public was introduced to the brewing collective and its beers as well as the Bristol Brewing Company. Last year they met and met again, this time at Bristol brewery, and produced the White IPAs together.
Colorado Craft Beer Week events include a special Colorado Pint Day on March 22, when Colorado’s fourth-graders celebrate Colorado’s first craft beer festival at Colorado State Fairgrounds. From March 31 to April 8, Bristol Brewing Company and Bristol Station, as well as other local breweries, will be packed with events celebrating Colorado’s thriving craft beer scene. From March 18 to March 30, Colorado Craft Beers and the industry will host their annual Colorado Craft Beer Week with a variety of events, events and events.
On Saturday, March 18, the Colorado State Fairgrounds will host the Bristol Brewing Company’s annual Colorado Pint Day. Other events include a beer dinner with members of the Colorado Brewers Guild on March 23 at Bristol Station and a special Colorado Craft Beer Day event on April 8 at a local restaurant.
The Strange Craft Beer Company is partnering with Freetail, which is brewing in San Antonio, Texas, to produce their first joint beer, a light ale brewed with Colorado – grown in Chinook and Northwest – with a thirst-quenching finish. The Collab is part of the guild’s upcoming Colorado Brewers Guild Beer Week.
Surrounded by plenty of earthy hop flavours, this beer is the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer day in Bristol with a light, refreshing finish.