Manchester Beer Week

Manchester’s oldest family brewers will team up to create a range of groundbreaking new beers for Manchester Beer Week, the city’s biggest beer festival. JW Lees and Cloudwater Brew Co have agreed to work together to create the first ever Manchester Beer Week, a citywide beer week, which this year runs from June 10-19.
This marks a milestone for Manchester’s beer scene and builds a bridge between the city’s fast-growing craft beer movement and the more mainstream beer industry. Locally brewed beers are one of the areas where we can see sustainable growth as craft ale aficionados look for something that tastes different while retaining the passion, history and tradition that goes into brewing a quality ale. Northern Monk, meanwhile, is the best and most respected brewery in Manchester and faces rapid expansion after failing to meet the £500,000 target it set in a crowdfunding campaign.
Manchester Beer Week is considered unique as it is the first of its kind in the UK and one of only a handful of such events in Europe.
This is the time of year when breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants and pubs in the city will offer a host of craft beers to honor and celebrate. This is an event that creates some really interesting beer things in all kinds of breweries.,39317.htm
I’d like to see more of that in Manchester, “said Mike O’Brien, president of the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild, which is organizing the event. L.A. Beer Week was launched a decade ago by a few beer enthusiasts who wanted to shine a light on the region’s burgeoning craft beer scene. The Brewery Guild took over the organization of the events in 2014 and is now in charge of the festival of craft beers, which have become so popular that breweries are appearing throughout the region, if not in all areas.
For the first time this year, St. Louis beer fans can enjoy the event in Manchester during the Manchester Beer Week Festival on Saturday, July 23.
Enjoy a rotating list of craft beer specials every Monday at Ott’s Tavern in Millstadt, IL. Visit one of the brewery’s regular beer bars to explore the city’s beers. Bebe today and highlight some events that might interest you on a rainy Monday.
There is no time like the present to sample the many delights of Manchester’s effervescent scene, from the Manchester Brewing Company’s annual beer festival to the annual Manchester Beer Festival.
This year’s Manchester Beer Week runs from Monday 3 October to Sunday 5 November from 11am to 5pm. The Romsey Beer Festival takes place on Saturday 5 August from 10am to 4pm at Manchester Brewing Company’s new brewery on the outskirts of the city centre.
The British Beer Festival Winter, which is currently taking place in various locations in Birmingham, is designed to showcase beer styles that may not be readily available at summer festivals. It is widely acknowledged that there is a great mix of local, regional and international beers from around the world, with all proceeds donated to local charities and good causes.
The British Beer Festival Winter, which takes place in February, is celebrated in conjunction with Manchester Beer Week, the largest beer festival in the UK.
The York Beer and Cider Festival, organised by York CAMRA, is a three-day annual festival held in York city centre in conjunction with Manchester Beer Week. Battersea Beer Festival is the largest beer festival in the north of England, taking place every year on the last Sunday in February at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 2014 takes place on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 February 2014.
The University of Warwick’s Real Ale Festival, organised by the University of Warwick’s Real Ale Society, is the largest student beer festival in the country.
Every year in May, Prague hosts the Czech Beer Festival, which lasts 17 days and takes place on the second weekend in June. The Yerevan Beer Festival, organized by the Municipality of Yerevan, gathers beer fans in the area of Swan Lake every August.
Events include lifting competitions, barrel throwing, karaoke, fasting straws for food and drink, sausage tasting and much more. Numerous competitions take place during the festival, such as the “sausage tasting” and the “fastest straw drink.”
While Portsmouth Beer Week technically kicks off on 22 February, an official and unofficial kick-off party will take place on Saturday 23 February. Two meetings being held at the Portsmouth Gaslight Company officially kick off the festivities. At the end of February, Portsmouth hosts the annual Portsmouth City Beer Festival, a three-day beer festival.
The fortnightly festivities include beer quizzes, live music, food and drink stalls, beer tastings and a variety of beer and wine events.
There are a number of things breweries are already doing to engage with their local communities. A particularly interesting part of the conversation was the positive effect it can have in attracting people from the local community as brewing apprentices. Jenn Merrick, Head Brewer at Beavertown Brewery and about to start her own community brewery in east London called Earth Station.